Vakuum- Technique Service
Pannkoke Flachglastechnik GmbH

We carry out the annually prescribed tests of the trade accident prevention and insurance association for vacuum lifting units (see BGR 500, sections 2.8, Chapter regular testing - see from page 73 to 90 / page 87), either in our factory or at your own site. The units are checked point by point according the requirements of the safety standard, EN 13155. We don't only inspect the units, we also carry out load testing or check the load bearing capacity of the suction cup.

In our works we are able to carry out loading tests up to 3000 kg with samples having dimensions up to 4 x 2 m.

When carrying out on-site testing we check the load bearing capacity of individual suction cups, rather that the load bearing capacity of the whole unit, using our specially developed portable suction cup testing device.

We have the benefit of almost 50 years knowledge and experience, so that unit safety really can be guaranteed.

  • Testing of the load bearing capacity of suction cups
  • Repair of vacuum lifting units
  • Repair of hand suction holders (PowrGrip)
  • Conversion of vacuum lifting units from single circuit to 2-circuit technology

General information and test reports can be obtained from us:

  • General information for vacuum lifting units
  • What to check when purchasing a new vacuum lifting unit
  • Test results from Kiel higher technical college – vacuum technology
  • Training in the use of vacuum lifting units