2-bridged cutting machine 215-MAN

The manual 2-bridged cutting machine 215-MAN is designed for the series manual cutting of glass sizes up to 3240 x 2400 mm and a glass thickness of 2 to 12 mm.

This special cutting machine enables the efficient and safe series cutting of right angled glass sheets for glass grinding factories, suppliers of picture frame producers or the furniture industry.

The built-in air cushion guarantees an easy movement of the glass sheet in the horizontal position. The cutting machine has several longitudinal and vertical cutting heads. All longitudinal and vertical cuts are executed with only one movement of each cutting bridge. This speed cannot be attained by any NC-cutting machine.

The built-in pneumatic break-out bars enable a clean break-out of the executed cuts. The operation of the break-out bars works via the knee of the operator so that both hands are free for guiding the glass sheet.

The cutting machine 215-MAN is the economical solution for small and mid-sized factories with series cutting.