496-120-2 - plate glass carriage, a special type of plate transport carriage

Do you also have the problem of transporting large and heavy panes, window elements on the construction site or in storage areas?
Should the transport equipment be able to be dismantled so that it small, easy to transport and still be able to move loads weighing 1,000 kg and / or 6 x 2,2 m?

Should the 1,000 kg also genuinely be able to be moved easily and manoeuvrable?
Are you looking for a transport device that offers a safe stand on a horizontal surface?
Are you also familiar with the problem that the door openings are sometimes quite narrow and low?
Do you also wish that the there was an option for being able to adapt as the ground clearance is too low?
Have you also been in the situation that you want to transport small and heavy parts and that the device is actually too large for that purpose?
Or, that it also has to be taken to the construction site in the back of a car as no other vehicle is available?
Should this transport device also offer a long service life?

Until now, these were the desires of our customers and interesting parties that we have heard about in many conversations and have read in inquiries.

The answer to this is: the Plate Glass Carriage 496-120-2.