Air cushion tilting table 490P

The air cushion tilting table 490P/LFB is designed for the manual cutting of glass sizes up to 2600 x 4600 mm and a maximum glass thickness of 8 mm.

This universal cutting, tilt and break-out table enables the rational and safe movement of all glass dimensions up to the maximum size from the vertical (storage position) to the horizontal (working position). This tilt movement works pneumatically. An air floatation cushion on the cutting, tilt and break-out table assures easy movement of the glass sheet in the horizontal position.

All manual Pannkoke cutting machines can be combined with this air cushion tilting table 490P/LFB. This enables you to configure the optimum universal cutting, tilting  and break-out table for your requirements.

The built-in pneumatic break-out bars enable a neat break-out of the executed cuts. The operation of the break-out bars works via the knee of the operator so that both hands free for guiding the glass sheet.

This cutting, tilt and break-out table 490P/LFB/115-5 is the economical solution for small and mid-sized factories.