Battery-powered Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7211-VT for construction site and workshop

Lift, support and move using the Battery-powered Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7211-VT, e.g. for glass, insulating glass panes, metal plates, plastic plates, etc.

The Battery-powered Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7211-VT has a 2-circuit vacuum system and was developed for construction site use in accordance with the safety standard EN 13155. Use of 2-circuit technology means that the Battery-powered Vacuum Lifting Kombi 7211-VT has two independent vacuum circuits. Each vacuum circuit is designed so that it can support twice the nominal load on its own, If one of the systems fails, or if there is a loss of power, you receive a warning.

All you still need is a chain hoist or a crane to move vertically loads of up to 1000 kg.

The Battery-powered Vacuum Pump does not require a power supply, so that the unit can be used anywhere.

The vacuum/release function can also be initiated by a wireless remote control, which is particularly recommendable when transporting larger dimensions or using a forklift.

This type of Vacuum Lifting Device can be used immediately with a crane or a fork-lift truck.