Compressed air-operated Vakuum Lifter 7005-D43 SO04/E for production and workshop

The Vacuum Lifter with rotational function for the production of double glazing, windows or for the glass grinding shop.
The Vacuum Lifter 7005-D43 SO04/E has an adjustable suction cup layout across the corner area of the suction frame. The suction frame is designed with rotational capability. The distance between the suction cups can be adjusted across a wide range.

You need to have a vacuum lifter with very fast, very variable suction cup adjustment for your production facility.

Do you wish to be able to rotate your panels around their vertical axis?

Is your maximum transport weight 400 kg?

With vacuum lifter 7005-D43 SO04/E this is possible.

Now take a look at the data sheet or request a quotation right away.