Corner Shoe – the edge and corner protection for fragile sheet materials

This little helper protects your glass edges or similar materials during transport. Saving you frayed nerves, and saving you money into the bargain. Everyone who has experienced damage of this kind just before installation knows what we are talking about here.

Nothing is more annoying than to damage a glass pane shortly before installation. That creates no end of trouble with the customer, not to mention the hassle of repeat production. You can avoid all that quite simply with a small practical aid: the Corner Shoe as an edge and corner protector.

Simply slip the Corner Shoe over the edge of the glass pane, draw it down with the lever-action suction cup and then transport it. The edge is protected.

We have been manufacturing this invention by Karl Pannkoke for decades. Now also available in an 80 mm width. The versions in widths of 30 mm, 50 mm and 60 mm still exist of course.

A glass pane with protection of this kind can also be stood and supported on its corner. That is sometimes necessary if the pane has to be turned on the building site.

If you want to find out more details about this Corner Shoe, then take a look at the data sheet.

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