Glazing Unit / Counterweight Unit BALANCE for the construction site - the Vacuum Lifter for special tasks

The Counterweight Unit BALANCE can be completely equipped with a fixed carrying frame and a vacuum unit or as an attachment for a corresponding ready-for-use Vacuum Lifting Device, e.g. the Battery-powered Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7211-CeDe.

To permit glazing beneath porches or projecting building parts, each Battery-powered Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7011-xx can be combined with the Counterweight Unit BALANCE. The Counterweight Unit allows for trouble-free and safe working up to 1200 kg.

Due to the sophisticated equipment design, it is possible to glaze glass panes of 1000 kg under a projection of max. 1.5 m or an inverted pyramid with max. 10° inclination.
The fine control of the counterweight guarantees efficient working.

The glazing unit has only a one vacuum circuit. For construction site operation within the EU, you require an additional mechanical holding device in accordance with the safety standard EN 13155.

The Battery-powered Vacuum Pump does not require a power supply, so that the unit can be used anywhere.

The vacuum/release function can also be initiated by a wireless remote control, which is particularly recommendable when transporting larger dimensions or when using the counterweight unit BALANCE.

Thus, a Counterweight Unit Balance can make your work easier.

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