Glazing Unit Elefant for the construction site, the moveable Vacuum Lifter

Lift, hold and move using the Glazing Unit ELEPHANT, e.g. for glass, insulation glass panes, window elements, etc.

The glazing unit ELEPHANT is designed for interior glazing. The glazing unit ELEPHANT can be used to lift 600 kg glass panes safely up to 3.2 m in height. The inclination angle of the carrying frame is adjusted from below using a hand spindle. A ratchet mechanism is used to turn the carrying frame through a maximum 330° and the head through +/-30° about the extension arm of the mobile crane. Movement of the crane extension arm is carried out using manual hydraulics. Our Battery-powered Vacuum Pump 7012-Handy, is suitable for use as a mains-independent vacuum generator.

Suction / release functions can also be implemented via the cordless remote control of the battery-operated pump 7012-Handy.

The glazing unit ELEPHANT can be dismantled for transport.

The glazing unit has only a one vacuum circuit.