Kombi 7211-DS250 – Battery-operated Vacuum Lifter for the construction site

Our response to your search for a small, versatile Vacuum Lifting Device that you can use to move up to 250 kg in a safe manner. This Vacuum Lifter can be fastened to a corresponding assembly lift so that roof glazing can also be carried out from below.

This transformation artist can either arrange his suckers into a row or as a quadart, depending on how you need it. Thus, the vacuum lifter can be used for strips just as good as for rectangles.

Furthermore, the accessibility required to stop the suction lifter is not restricted to arm length. Coloured tensioning cables enable the locking fixture to be released from a certain distance. Two different-colored pull ropes for the turning and tilting movment, prevent misuse.

The suspension bar can be disassembled from the turn-tilt device so that the vacuum lifting device can be mounted on a mounting lift. This allows you to have roof glazing from below, up to a height of 4.5 m.

If it should by very tight, between scaffolding and the body of the building, the Vacuum Lifting Device can only be used with  the rope-sling suspension and is then very flat. An even lower construction depth for a Vacuum Lifting Device is almost no longer possible.

If you place great importance on a Vacuum Lifter having a long service life, nothing ever gets pas our quick-change system for the accumulators.

With us, you can profit from decades of experience in the manufacturing of Glass Vacuum Lifters (Glass Suckers).

Our customers are highly enthusiastic about the handling of the Kombi 7211-DS250 Suction Lifter (Glass Lifter). This can also be used to solve difficult tasks.

If you want to find out more details about this Vakuum Lifter Kombi 7211-DS250, then take a look at the data sheet.

Nobody else is equipped with as many different suction lifters as we do.

For a small test fee, you can borrow and test this version of Kombi 7211-DS250 Suction Lifter (Glass Lifter) to establish its suitability for your application - and there is no better way to test the practical capabilities of this Glass Vacuum Lifter (Glass Sucker).

Request a quotation from us for the Kombi 7211-DS250 Vacuum Lifting Device and advise us of your special wishes / requirements. Best of all, do so right now!