Kombi 7241-W600GG, the perfect Vacuum Lifting Device for corner elements

Our response to the search for a Vacuum Lifting Device for mounting corner elements weighing up to 600 kg.

The Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7241-W600GG manufactured for GGR-UNIC in Great Britain is suitable for the transport of vertical elements. To enable the corner element to be transported in an upright position (i.e. vertically), a counterweight in the base frame is able to swivel out and deploy.

Thanks to the 2-circuit technology employed for the vacuum lifter, it is suitable for work on EU construction sites.

The rows of suction cups are designed to provide adjustable depth settings.

Due to the swivel-deployable counterweight, the structural depth of the vacuum lifter is relatively small. This space-saving design delivers benefits when moving between frame and construction unit to installation location.

The unit is operated by  cable remote control or, if so desired, via a secure radio remote control.

If you want to find out more details about this Vakuum Lifter Kombi 7241-W600GG, then take a look at the data sheet.

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