MonoPort – Vacuum Lifter 7005-MD1/E – the helper in the workshop

The little helper in production and workshop protects your spinal discs and safeguards your valuable health.

With the MonoPort Vacuum Lifting Device it is easy to move 150 kg. You have everything firmly to hand. Whenever the load needs to be turned, it's no problem at all. The big hand wheel with the detent that can be unlocked in any position makes it all very easy indeed. You can turn the suction cup endlessly and do not need to think about the direction you wish to turn it in before applying the vacuum lifter to the load.

Accidental RELEASE is prevented by the keystroke combination that is performed with the left hand. That excludes any possibility of operator error with the Vacuum Lifting Device and no damage is caused by a failure to pay close attention.

The MonoPort vacuum lifter is adaptable. You can attach it to the crane hook or use the rigidly guided lifting column. Just as you need it to be.

If you want to find out more details about this Vacuum Lifter MonoPort - 7005-MD1/E, then take a look at the data sheet.

Request a quotation from us for the MonoPort - 7005-MD1/E Vacuum Lifting Device (Venturi Device) and advise us of your special wishes / requirements. Best of all, do so right now!

Do you wish to view a short video about use of the 7005-MD1/E Vacuum Lifter - MonoPort?

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You would like to see a short video on the use of the Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-MD1/E in insulation glass manufacture.

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Introducing the Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-MD1/E. You can see all of the functions and modes of operation using the Vacuum Lifting Device in the video.

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The MonoPort works with the quick-release function in this way. 

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If you wish to find something entirely standalone, we also offer this MonoPort Vacuum Lifting Device as a battery-operated Vacuum Lifting Device.

With us, you can profit from decades of experience in the manufacturing of Glass Vacuum Lifters (Glass Suckers).

Nobody else is equipped with as many different suction lifters as we do.