Suction lifter Kombi 7011-DS5-2012 – battery-operated

You can find a particularily flexible system in the vacuum lifters of the DS series. Over the years, a large number of suction frames have originated for this Vacuum Lifter series.

By simply replacing the suction frames of the Vacuum Lifting Device, you can carry long, narrow strips, curved glass panes or only small solutions as well as standard sizes with a basic frame of 1,000 x 1,300 mm.

In doing so, the suspension frames of the Vacuum Lifter are available in 1 circuit,  2 circuits or 4 circuits vacuum technology and as rechargeable battery operated, compressed air-operated or power operated  Vacuum Lifting Device.

The members of the DS series all have the same possibilities of making a rotation of +/- 90 degrees and a tilting by 90 degrees with locking function every 15 degrees. The versions of suction lifters with the following designations belong to this series as standard:

With the standard frames in dimensions 1.0 x 1.3 m and the extension option with additional extensions.

Request a quotation from us for the Kombi 7011-DS5-2012 Vacuum Lifting Device and advise us of your special wishes / requirements. Best of all, do so right now!