The Vacuum Lifting Device 7225-MDSt for production and workshop

Lift, hold and move the Vacuum Lifting Device 7225-MDSt, e.g.. glass, insulated glass panes, metal plate, plastic plates etc.

All you still need is a chain hoist and a 6 bar compressed air supply to be able to move loads of up to 350 kg. Turning and tilting movement is effortlessly implemented using pneumatic cylinders.

The Vacuum Lifting Device 7225-MDSt has a 2-circuit vacuum system and was developed for factory use within the EU in accordance with the draft safety standard EN 13035-1. Each vacuum circuit is designed so that it can support the nominal load on its own, If one of the systems fails, or if there is a loss of power, you receive a warning

The suction cups are slidably mounted within the carrying frame. To transport large surface area objects, the extensions can be fitted.