Vacuum Lifter 7005-BF-2013/E for window production

These are moved much more frequently in the production sector for window and door manufacturers. Theses are usually carried out in different versions, in some cases equpped with rungs and sub-divided into different sized glass areas. It frequently occurs that a suction cup on the vacuum lifter is not at the right position. If this is the case than our suction lifter 7005-BF-2013/E may of be interest for you.

Both suction cups are hung onto a slide rail with lifting loops and can be positioned separately on the surface: Quick and easy.

This compressed air-operated Vacuum Lifting Device is also available with an air pressure saving function that allows you to save 50 percent air pressure.

In doing so, the monitoring of the air pressure and the vacuum fulfills the requirements of the EU Safety Standard EN 13155, so that the required device safety is given.

With us, you can profit from decades of experience in the manufacturing of Vacuum Lifters.

You can find more information in the data sheet for the vacuum lifter (Venturi Device) 7005-BF-2013/E.

You wish to view a short video about the acceptance test prior to delivery.

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Here you can see the 7005-BF-2013 vacuum lifter in operation. This is how the vacuum lifter is used at Hilzinger GmbH in Hennigsdorf, Germany.

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Request a quotation from us for the 7005-BF-2013/E Vacuum Lifting Device (Venturi Device) and advise us of your special wishes / requirements. Best of all, do so right now!

For operating on the construction site, we also have the suction lifter Kombi 7211-BF3 that operates according to a similar principle. Please contact us directly.