Vacuum Lifter 7025-AD4-2 for the glass polishing workshop

Vacuum lifting device 7025-AD4-2 is the optimum tool for handling long, narrow strips in a glass polishing workshop.

Vacuum lifter 7025-AD4-2 was designed to move glass strips measuring up to 6 metres in length. However, it can also be used to move shorter elements, by first removing its extensions. The suction frame can be rotated pneumatically across an infinitely variable range.

  • Are you looking for a solution to rotate perpendicular glass strips weighing up to 250 kg across an infinitely variable range?
  • Do you need a variable distance between the suction cups?
  • Are you looking for a device that is light and easy to operate?
  • Do you have a powerful pneumatic supply?

With the 7025-AD4-2 vacuum lifter you would have a vacuum lifter that can accomplish this.

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You may wish to watch a short video about the glass lifter. We have included a pre-delivery functional test in this video.
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Would you like to watch a short video of the first trial run on a customer's premises?
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