The 7025-MD2-4 vacuum lifting device is the optimum solution for the production of insulating glass.
The 7025-MD2-4 vacuum lifter is intended for moving small panes of glass, insulating glass, and similar. However, it is also possible to use extensions to move larger elements. The pneumatic suction frame is designed with rotational capability.

  • Are you seeking a solution for turning heavy sheet material weighing up to 500 kg through 90° in a vertical position?
  • Do you need a variable, non-adjustable distance between the suction cups?
  • Do you also wish to move heavy and larger elements?
  • Do you want a small, flexible machine which can quickly transport approx. 80% of your insulating glass units?
  • Do you need short cycle times to reduce the insulating glass line?
  • Do you have a powerful pneumatic supply?

With the 7025-MD2-4 vacuum lifter you would have a vacuum lifter that can accomplish this.

Now take a look at the data sheet or request a quotation right away.

You may wish to watch a short video about the glass lifter. We have included a pre-delivery functional test in this video.
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