Vacuum Lifter Kombi 7031-CS for production and workshop

Lift, hold and move using the Vakuum Lifter 7031-CS, e.g. for glass, metal plates, plastic plates, etc.
Particularly geared to your requirements, this series can vertically and horizontally transport loads with a weight of up to 2000 kg and a size of up to 12000 x 3300 mm.

The Vacuum Lifting Device 7031-CS has an overpressure release function, so that, firstly, the unit can be more easily positioned on the transported material and, secondly, more quickly sets it down.

An electric motor is used to pivot the load from the vertical to the horizontal and vice versa. All you need otherwise is a crane and a 400 V power supply.

The Vacuum Lifting Device 7031-CS has a 1-circuit vacuum system.

If required, the Vacuum Lifting Device 7031-CS is also available with 2-circuit technology as the Vacuum Lifting Device 7231-CS. The Vacuum Lifting Device 7231-CS has two independent vacuum circuits. Each vacuum circuit is designed so that it can support the nominal load on its own, If one of the systems fails, or if there is a loss of power, you receive a warning.