Vacuum Lifter Kombi 7411-DG6 for transporting curved glass panes on the construction site

The answer to the question as to how 2.000 kg curved glass can be mounted in confined spaces.

A glass passage is being built between the town hall and the library in Manchester / England, something that you do not see every day. The passage does not have bearing pillars as construction elements, they are using glass elements. These curved glass elements each with lengths of approx. 7.5 m and a weight of upto 2,000 kg must be mounted between both parts of the building in a confined area, that was the drapht from Waagner Biro.

We designed the vacuum lifter Kombi 7411-DG6 for this purpose. At the same time, this suction lifter must also be used to insert narrow long strips which is why the suction lifter is equipped with a volume set with the glass pane of minimum 500 mm and can be moved over a length of 7.5 m. The overall depth of this vacuum lifter is only 365 mm, in order to move the 2,000 kg glass vertically with a radius of 3,500 mm.

The turning motion of the glass pane is carried out manually. Our proven and tested 4 - circuits - vacuum technology ensures for the necessary safety and a quick suction of the glass pane.

The rechangeable battery quick-change system ensures for smooth working as it does not know anything about standing still due to an empty battery. Simply insert the second charged rechangeable battery quickly into the Vacuum Lifting Device and continue with the task.

The company Waagner Biro has lent out the suction lifter Kombi 7411-DG6 from the comapny GGR in Oldham / England.

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