Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-ADS/E for production and workshop

You can move very long thin parts up to 400 kg with the Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-ADS/E. The load can be turned through +/- 90 and or pivoted through 90 degrees. Turning and tilting are carried out manually. There are locking points every 15 degrees throughout the tilting range.

The Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-ADS/E is equipped with a power supply monitor for checking the compressed air supply and a control vacuum meter for checking the vacuum. If the vacuum falls below a threshold value, an acoustic warning is generated.

The Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-ADS/E has a 1-circuit vacuum system.

Suction cup separation can be changed by displacing the carrying bar.

Simple swapping of the lower part (suction frame) means that the Vacuum Lifting  Device 7005-DS can be converted at any time to a Vacuum Lifting  Device 7005-ADS or Vacuum Lifting  Device 7005-DSG.

Simple swapping of the suspension frame means that the Vacuum Liftring Device 7005-ADS/E can be converted at any time to a mains-driven Vacuum Liftring Device Kombi 7001-ADS or a Battery-driven Vacuum Liftring Device Kombi 7011-ADS.

A compressed air-operated Venturi jet generates the vacuum acc. to the Venturi Principle, therefore we also call these Vacuum Lifting Devices Venturi Devices. A Venturi device consists of the carrying frame with the vacuum suction cups as well as a compressed air-operated Venturi jet (injector) and thereby makes up a complete  Vacuum Lifting Device.