Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-BUS2/E for the workshop

Lift, hold and move HGV or bus windscreens using the Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-BUS2/E.
All you still need is a chain hoist and a compressed air supply of 6 bar, to move a bus windscreen or similar of up to 240 kg.

The ideal unit for changing bus windscreens in the workshop.

The inclination angle of the windscreen can be set using a spindle over a wide range.

Our largest customer for this bus windscreen glazing product range is Mercedes Benz, who has equipped its workshops throughout Germany using units from this product range.

The Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-BUS2/E is equipped with a power supply monitor for checking the compressed air supply and a control vacuum meter for checking the vacuum. If the vacuum falls below a threshold value, an acoustic warning is generated.

The Vacuum Lifting Device 7005-BUS2/E has a 1-circuit vacuum system.

A compressed air-operated Venturi jet generates the vacuum acc. to the Venturi Principle, therefore we also call these Vacuum Lifting Devices Venturi Devices. A Venturi device consists of the carrying frame with the vacuum suction cups as well as a compressed air-operated Venturi jet (injector) and thereby makes up a complete  Vacuum Lifting Device.