Edit Element ProduktName Vacuum Lifting Device 7025-SO21 for production and workshop

Lift, hold and move using the Vacuum Lifting Device 7025-SO21, e.g. for sheet metal, plastic plates, partitions for silo cars, etc.

All you need is a chain hoist and a 6 bar compressed air supply to be able to move loads of up to 150 kg. Tilting through 90 degrees is effortlessly implemented using a pneumatic cylinder.

The Vacuum Lifting Device 7025-SO21 is equipped with a power supply monitor for checking the compressed air supply and a control vacuum meter for checking the vacuum. If the vacuum falls below a threshold value, an acoustic warning is generated.

The suction cups are individually adjustable and lockable. Slightly curved materials can also be held due to the couplings on the suction cup holders.