Vacuum Lifting Device (Vacuum Lifter) Kombi 7231-DmSG for construction site, production and workshop

With the Battery-powered Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7231-DmSG you can move convex and concave shaped materials up to 800 kg, such as e.g. glass, sheet metals, plastic boards. The load can be turned through +/- 360 and or pivoted through 90 degrees.

The suction cup rows are mounted in a translational and rotatable manner, so that simple matching to the radius is possible. The minimum radius of the transported load is 750 mm for this device.
The device size can be adapted to the transported load by means of four extensions.

Turning is carried out manually. Limiting of the turning movement is not provided. The load can be turned to the left or right through 360°. An electric motor drives the tilting movement. An electric motor is used to pivot the load from the vertical to the horizontal and vice versa. All you need otherwise is a crane and a 400 V power supply.

The Battery-powered Vacuum Lifting Device Kombi 7231-DmSG has a 2-circuit vacuum system and was developed for construction site use in accordance with the safety standard EN 13155. Use of 2-circuit technology means that the Vacuum Lifting Kombi 7231-DmSG has two independent vacuum circuits. Each vacuum circuit is designed so that it can support twice the nominal load on its own, If one of the systems fails, or if there is a loss of power, you receive a warning.