Vacuum Transport Lift 7011-GSFV for production and workshop

Lift, hold and move glass, insulated glass panes and window elements with the Vacuum Transport Lift 7011-GSFV.
The Vacuum Transport Lift 7011-GSFV is designed for transporting panel material with a lift truck. Glass panes weighing up to 800 kg can be safely moved with the Transport Lift. Our Battery-powered Vacuum Pump 7012-Handy2, is suitable for use as a mains-independent vacuum generator. Suction / release functions can also be implemented via the cordless remote control of the battery-operated pump 7012-Handy.

The Vacuum Transport-Lift 7011-GSFV has a 1-circuit vacuum system.

We are talking about Vacuum Lifting Devices or as others say Vacuum Lifters, Suction Handles, Glass Sucker, Vacuum Suckers, Suction Lifters, Glass Lifters, Glass Suction Devices, Gazing Equipment or Glass Transportation Equipment. A Vacuum Lifting Device is a load bearing device (lifting equipment, hoist) with which airtight materials, such as glass, metal, plastic panels, can be transported or held without damaging the surface. An electrical vacuum pump generates the vacuum.