Vakuum Lifting Frame 7000-A-1000 for production and workshop

Lift, hold and move using the Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-A-1000, e.g. for glass, metal plates, plastic plates, etc.

Matched to your requirements, this product range can be used to transport vertically weights of up to 1000 kg and sizes up to 7000 x 3000 mm. You only further require a crane and a vacuum supply, e.g. provided by our Vacuum Units 7002 Standard or 7012-Handy or 7012-Handy2.

The Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-A-1000 has a 1-circuit vacuum system.

The suction cups are slidably mounted on the longitudinal carrying bar.

The transported material can be laid down on a horizontal surface or lifted up from it, if it is capable of being supported on its lower edge. The longitudinal carrying bar is mounted so that it can be rotated.