Vakuum Lifting Frame 7000-C-1000 SO01 for production and workshop

Lift, hold and move using the Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-C-1000, e.g. for glass, metal plates, plastic plates, etc.
Particularly geared to your requirements, this series can vertically (75°) transport loads with a weight of up to 1000 kg and a size of up to 6000 x 3000mm.

You only further require a crane and a vacuum supply, e.g. provided by our Vacuum Units 7002 Standard or 7012-Handy or 7012-Handy2.

The Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-C-1000 SO01 has a 1-circuit vacuum system.

If required, the Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-C-1000 SO01 is also available with 2-circuit technology as 7200-C-1000 SO01. The Vacuum Lifting Frame 7200-C-1000 SO01 requires two independent vacuum circuits, e.g. as provided by the compound pump 7202-COMP. Each vacuum circuit is designed so that it can support the nominal load on its own,

The suction cups are slidably mounted on the cross carrying bars, or the cross carrying bars are adjustably mounted on the longitudinal carrier pipe.

The modular design of the Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-C-1000 ensures that a vacuum generator can be integrated within the Vacuum Lifting Frame at any time. The Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-C-1000 SO01 can thus be converted to a mains, battery or compressed air operated Vacuum Lifting Device.

Removal of cross carrying bars enables conversion of the Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-C-1000 SO01 into a Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-A-1000.

The Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-A-1000 SO01 is and remains, due to its modular construction, adaptable to your requirements.