Vakuum Lifting Frame 7000-D43 SO04 for production and workshop

Lift, hold and move using the Vakuum Lifting Frame 7000-D43 SO04, e.g. glass, metal plate, plastic plates, etc. You only further require a crane and a vacuum supply, e.g. provided by our Vacuum Units 7002 Standard or 7012-Handy or 7012-Handy2.

Particularly geared to your requirements, this series can transport loads with a weight of up to 400 kg. The load can be turned through up to 300 degrees. Turning is carried out manually. There are locking points every 30 degrees throughout the turning range.

The Vacuum Lifting Frame 7000-D43 SO04 has a 1-circuit vacuum system.

The suction cups are slidably mounted.

Video – Vakuum Lifting Frame 7000-D43 SO04 in use.

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